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About DNA Paternity Testing

Our Mission

The Mission of Dna Paternity Testing, LLC™ also known as “Who’s Your Daddy?”™ is to provide the most reliable, legal paternity test available.

We strive to provide legal DNA paternity testing at a reasonable price, with an exceptional level of professional and courteous service to the client.

Our Guarantee

DNA Paternity Testing, LLC™ Laboratories guarantee a minimum probability of paternity of 99.99%. It enables you to be confident that you received the correct answer to the question of who is the father.

If DNA Paternity Testing, LLC™ tests a child and the child’s alleged father, our test will either exclude the alleged father, showing that he is not the biological father of the child, or the test will show a probability of paternity of at least 99.99%.

*Other examples of testing situations include “family reconstruction” such as a paternity test that includes specimens from the parents or other relatives of a missing alleged father. Another variation is a “sibling study” done to determine the probability (not a definitive answer) that someone is the biological brother or sister of other tested individuals. In these types of studies it is not always possible to know what level of certainty will be attainable. Thus the same guarantee is not possible for these types of tests.

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